A Dark Alternative Tango Compilation


Combining tango - which is by itself already a quite dark music style - with post-punk / new wave sounds, is not a new idea. It has been done before. Joy Division's 'Decades', or the songs 'Sultan' and 'His Master's Voice' by Venus in Furs come to mind.

If you like the aforementioned songs and would like to try something like that, we invite you and your band to participate in our project "Tango dark".
Please keep in mind, this is not about cover versions but about original songs.

A Tribute to VENUS IN FURS

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Venus in Furs is a highly rated band which evolved out of the post-punk explosion of the early 80s. The mysterious frontman of the Brighton-based project - Times - continues to make music to this day.

A couple of contemporary dark alternative musicians, such as Shad Shadows, Two Moons, The Stave Church and others, are paying their tribute to the master, with the first WAVE.NOIR-project "My Velvet Cage".


01. Nao Katafuchi - Majordomo
02. Deus Faust - His Master's Voice
03. Emil Moonstone and the Anomalies - Love Lies
04. The Stave Church - Cold Whispers
05. Human - The Challenge
06. Paris Alexander feat. Eirene - Snowscape
07. Pilgrims of Yearning - That First Wild Kiss
08. Shad Shadows - In My Velvet Cage
09. Two Moons - Platonic Love
10. UIU - Almost
11. Ash Code - New Terrorists
12. Distant Stars - From the Bell-Jar
13. Venus in Furs - My Vulpine